Little Caterpillars curriculum is a blend of both the conventional and play-way methods. It is tailor-made to suit the changing environmental, social and technological factors.


Little Caterpillars understands toddlers, who enter the stream of systematic learning leaving their mothers’ laps. Toddlers are inquisitive but their queries halt behind their closed lips for them to be answered the way they want. The curriculum formulated at Little Caterpillars is based on all the factors that are important for the overall development of the children. Curriculum intends to develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and identification skills. We also feel it is important to help their mental abilities in seeking answers for their unanswered queries.



Little Caterpillars designs its nursery curriculum in a manner that aims at the overall development of the children. The curriculum helps children to understand, work-out and solve the queries on their own.  Nursery, an apt word that means the place where the tender minds are nurtured or prepared to face different challenges that come their way. The age group is inquisitive, expressive and understandable. It helps them grow in every aspect. Nursery age is the age where they start using all their limbs and brain in knowing things better.


Preprimary -1/Lower Kindergarten

Little Caterpillars Preschool not just applies the play-way methods in easing the learning processes but also adopts the conventional methodologies for the holistic development of the child. Our curriculum is one such application that helps the lower kindergarten children to express the queries that come to their mind and sort out the solutions from the given set of objects and situations. Lower Kindergarten is the age where the children have developed their identification, speech and writing skills and wish to work on those experiences.


Preprimary-2/Upper Kindergarten

Little Caterpillars Preschool upper kindergarten curriculum is concentrated around the streamlining or disciplining of the children for formal education challenges. Our curriculum applies different methodologies in making the children understand the concepts. Our curriculum helps them develop their speaking and writing abilities important for their primary education. Children are ready to face any kind of academic or extracurricularchallenges they confront in their formal school.